Deluxe Manicure

Pedicure with Callus Remove

Lavender Flower

Scent: Sweet, floral, herbal with balsamic undertones.

The most popular oil in aromatherapy. This smoothing balancing, and relaxing herb helps case anger, anxiety nervousness, stress, insomnia, headaches, and PMS, Ease away your exhaustion, insomnia, irritability, and depression. Also, a cell regenerator that prevents scaring slows the development of wrinkles and speeds the healing of bruises and burns. This antiseptic circulatory stimulant relieves muscle pain spasms and cramping.

Green Tea

Scent: Grassy, woods, and clean

Fight the effects of aging. Make your skin glow, heal blemishes, soothe rashes, and reduce body odor, Recommended to relieve headaches to compare depression and to prolong life. Detoxify with this antioxidant reduce cellulite, and help provide protection from free radical damage.

Peppermint Leaf

Scent: Potent, Fresh, mints, refreshing, energizing, cool. Want to clear your head, relax your nerves or soothe your emotions?

Ease your migraines and clear sinus or lung congestion with this stimulating and penetrating concentration can also relieve tired feet and mind pain, muscle spasms itching, and cramping.


Scent: Lemon/ herbal, grassy

Helpful to treat jet lag, clear the head and relieve fatigue. This antiseptic and reduces headaches and irritability. Also relieves rheumatic and other pain, relax nerves, muscles and joints, digestive, immune and nerves, systems, and prevents drowsiness.

Ginger Root

Scent: Peppery, sharp, pungent, aromatic, warm an earthy 

Treat yourself to a sense of determination and confidence.

This calming and warming herb relieves in inflammation and is good for poor circulation sore, cramped or aching muscle, mouse roused rheumatism, arthritis, sprains, and fatigue.


Scent: Herbaceous, woody and sharp feeling overworked or nervous? Try a powder full mental stimulant to invigorate yourself, restore vitality, relax your nerves, and old memory and concentration. Also, an antiseptic, astringent, and antioxidant that can relieve, muscle pain, lung congestion, and sore throat, improve digestion dry, mature skin to produce more of its own natural oils.

Fresh Cucumber Pedicure

Focus - Neglected tired, dehydrated feet

This fresh cucumber is great for dehydrated skin, help moisturize and tighten tired, leaving it feeling moist and smooth. Enjoy the benefits of nature in the cucumber exfoliating, detoxifying masque. Morning farms, Surrender your cares like a child in the summertime.

Chocolate Mint Pedicure

Focus - Dry, dehydrated, achy feet.

This wonderful treatment will help rejuvenate your client's feet helping leave them feeling nourish and moisturized and moisturized as well as smooth and silky. Indulge your senses with this calories - free treat. I sample chocolate mint or chocolate cake for a decadent pedicure that leaves your feet smooth and silky.

Orange Powder

Scent: Sweet, citrus, and refreshing. Orange is one of the most favorite fruit in the world. Orange is loaded with vitamins, and the most abundant vitamin in orange is vitamin C, this powerful vitamin protect our body against harmful elements.

Rose Petals

Scent: Intense, sweet and floral Need some romance or gentle cheering? Try a soothing and uplifting cell rejuvenator. Great to use when sad or tired because of its, sensual and delightful oil. It soothes and heals skin conditions, balance hormones, and reduces menstrual cramps, PMS symptoms, and moodiness. Suitable for all skin types. 

Collegen Pedicure




15% off for party group of ten and up



Color Polish Change

French Polish Change

Nail Take Off Only

Nail Repair

Nail Art Design

Cut Down

Gel Coat Supper Shinny

Long Nail


Color Polish Change

French Polish Change


Regular Acrylic Powder

Acrylic (Full Set)

Acrylic (Fill)

White or Pearl Tip (Full Set)

White or Pearl Tip (Fill)

Solar Nail Powder

White or Pearl Tip (Full Set)

White or Pearl Tip (Fill)

Design Tip (Full Set)

Design Tip (Fill)

Pink & White (Full Set)

Pink & White (Fill)

Refill Pink & White

Crystal & Glitter Powder

Glitter 1 Color (Full Set)

Glitter 1 Color (Fill)

Glitter 2 Color (Full Set)

Glitter 2 Color (Fill)

Glitter 3 Color (Full Set)

Glitter 3 Color (Fill)

Refill Pink Only

Children Service 10 Age & Under

Manicure with Design

Pedicure with Design

Mani & Pedi with Design

Full Set White Tip

Polish Change with Design

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Color Change


Dipping Powder


French Tip




Eyebrows & Lip



Full Face

Half Arms

Full Arms

Under Arms

Half Legs

Full Legs



Bikini Line



Mini Facial

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10 Minute

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